Advanced Workforce Strategies is a boutique Australian consultancy firm.  As our name suggests, we specialise in the provision of a range of workforce strategy and organisational development consulting services and associated cutting edge products, tools, resources, and diagnostic survey tools.  

We are committed to enhancing people management and performance, and raising the importance of the people factor in organisations – arguably the biggest single driver of business success. To that end, we assist organisations, their executives and HR professionals to:

  • Align their business strategies with their workforce strategies;
  • Reconfigure their workforce in the age of digital disruption and changing business models;
  • Address the people challenges and complexities of the 21st century workplace;
  • Adopt better people measures and reporting;
  • Manage people risk and make better people decisions;
  • Improve performance and achieve enhanced business outcomes.

We turn theory into practice. Our work is holistic, rigorous and innovative, combining latest empirical research underpinned with sound methodologies, applied in the form of practical solutions that work. 

Our consulting approach is highly collaborative, resource rich, high yield and designed to maximise the transfer of learning and knowledge. We aim to build capability and self-sufficiency in our clients, whilst minimising our consultancy input.