Our International SWP Workshops and Associated Testimonials

Note. These workshops are of 1 or 2 days duration.

Our Corporate Research Forum, SWP Workshop, London, 2015

Colin Beames is a global thought leader in Strategic Workforce Planning. The 1 day workshop that he designed and facilitated on this topic was over subscribed and attracted a record attendance for our workshop events with over 170 participants registered. These participants included HR Directors, Executives, Managers and Professionals from major UK national and global firms.

The rich content presented in this workshop was significantly more advanced than typically what currently has existed on this subject – it is truly “cutting edge”. Colin has cleverly combined a number of research based human capital models into an integrated and holistic package that addresses the challenges of contemporary workforce strategy management and planning.
He has given the term “strategy” a deeper meaning by adding substance to the rhetoric of Strategic Workforce Planning including aligning workforce and business strategies. Colin also has exposed the limitations of some traditional approaches and models in strategic workforce planning with the introduction of his AWS Skills- Based Workforce Segmentation Model and emphasis on understanding the deeper characteristics of roles.

He was able to fully engage and stimulate his audience over the day by his presentation style and use of case studies and activities that illustrated the application of his strategic workforce planning approach, all of which consolidated the learnings. This resulted in one of our most successful events.
I would unreservedly recommend Colin Beames and the AWS Strategic Workforce Planning approach to any HR senior professional seeking to become more strategic, more business focused, exert greater impact on their organisation, and manage their workforce more effectively.
— Mike Haffenden, Director, Corporate Research Forum

Thomson Reuters, London, 2015

Colin Beames ran a workshop on Strategic Workforce Planning for approximately 15 of our very senior HR professionals during his UK visit in 2015. This workshop was well received and stimulated lively interest and discussion amongst our group. In particular the AWS Skills-Based Workforce Segmentation Model that Colin has developed offers some new insights and understandings on roles including the identification of Critical Roles. Combined with a number of other human capital models and their application, Colin has taken Strategic Workforce Planning to a heightened level of thought leadership and sophistication.

By using Colin’s methodology to sharpen our focus on Critical Roles and combining it with retention risk analytics, we were able to increase retention of this key population (VP and above) from 85% to 99% in one year. Using even the most conservative estimate of 100k per person cost of loss that equated to GBP1.5m of savings in one year. A more realistic estimate to include the cost of replacement, loss of productivity, loss of knowledge would put the saving closer to GBP10m.
— Richard Cleverly, Global Head of Talent and Development at Thomson Reuters

HR Society, London, 2015

Colin Beames has developed some unique models for holistic approaches to Strategic Workforce Planning. These include the identification of those roles in an organisation that are strategically critical. He has developed presentation, analytical and interactive materials that form a sound and professional platform for engaging workshops and internal consultancy. Together with his excellent books, he has established himself as a global expert in this field.
— Andrew Mayo, Professor of Human Capital Management at Middlesex University

SABPP and SIOPSA, Johannesburg, 2016

In a recent workshop offered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Colin Beames shared a wealth of knowledge regarding Strategic Workforce Planning to a local audience of senior professionals from various industries. Colin was able to impart his knowledge and experience in a palatable manner and in doing so affected the participants ranging from creating an appetite for SWP, to deepening the levels of understanding of more seasoned professionals.

Besides the very valuable knowledge sharing that took place, this event also created the opportunity for SIOPSA (Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology in South Africa) together with SABPP (South African Board for People Practices) to collaborate in hosting an event and in doing so opening the door to future similar collaborating.
— Lourens van Schalkwyk, Head: SIOPSA Academy

Other international workshops include:

  • Human Resources Institute of New Zealand, 2017
  • HR Academy, Kuala Lumpur, 2016

Speaking Engagements and Presentations

We have presented to numerous HR conferences including those organised by Akolade, IQPC, Marcus Evans, Telesis and Key Media, in Australia and Singapore.

We have also presented to high profile groups in Australia including the AICD and CEDA.