Colin Beames is a business focused organisational psychologist (and formerly a civil engineer), author and global thought leader in human capital, strategic workforce planning (SWP), and digital workforce transformation, with a deep and expansive knowledge of these subjects.

Prior to his mid-lifecareer change from civil engineer to organisational or corporate psychologist, Colin held senior management roles in the concrete, quarrying and mining industries.

His 4th year Bachelor of Arts honours psychology thesis was on the topic of mid-life career change and his subsequent Master of Business Administration (MBA) thesis was on developing an engagement and retention diagnostic survey tool (the Workplace Relationship Development Indicator – WRDI) based on the concept of the psychological contract.

He is now the Managing Director of Advanced Workforce Strategies, a firm that provides consultancy services in the areas of SWP, digital workforce transformation, workforce segmentation and configuration, measurement and reporting of human capital, workforce engagement and retention surveys (including key talent risk assessment), and organizational development/business reviews.

in the area of SWP, he has adapted and integrated various models based on recent research, including the development and application of associated tools. These include:

  • The AWS Skills-Based Workforce Segmentation Model for identifying Critical roles, “Make” roles, “Buy” roles; and
  • A model for profiling Employment Value Propositions (EVPs) based on the concept of the psychological contract.

Colin has presented SWP workshops internationally (including the UK, South Africa, South East Asia, New Zealand) as well as throughout Australia. He has consulted to organisations both in the public and private sectors in Australia and internationally, and he has written and published three books, the latest entitled “Digital Workforce Transformation”

“By using Colin’s methodology ... we were able to increase retention... from 85% to 99% in one year... Colin has taken Strategic Workforce Planning to a heightened level of thought leadership and sophistication”
— Richard Cleverly, Global Head of Talent and Development at Thomson Reuters
“a global expert in this field”
— Andrew Mayo, Professor of Human Capital

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