The psychological contract constitutes the essence of the employer-employee relationship. More specifically, it refers to: “the stated and implied promises and understanding between the parties”. 

Our EVP Profiling Tool is based on the concept of the psychological contract or the “deal” combined with our AWS Skills-Based Workforce Segmentation Model. It capture what comprises the “deal” or the EVP, both the tangibles and the intangibles, concerning these promises and understandings. Different psychological contracts and hence EVPs will apply to different roles, based on the four quadrant AWS Skills Based Workforce Segmentation Model.

This profiling tool has multi-purpose applications over the recruitment and selection cycle including:

  • Profiling the EVP including both the tangibles and intangibles relating to “the deal” for the role in question;
  • Conducting Realistic Job Previews (RJPs) for short listed candidates to compare their expectations with the EVP for the role; and
  • Conducting Post Recruitment Expectations Delivery check, 3 months into the job for a new employee to see whether the promise or “the deal” has been delivered.

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