TOOL: SWP Workbook and Guide, Sample Report, and HR Data Sheets


TOOL: SWP Workbook and Guide, Sample Report, and HR Data Sheets

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We have developed an extensive array of Strategic Workforce Planning Excel tools and resources including the following.

A SWP Workbook and Guide, a SWP Sample Report, plus HR Data Sheets (reusable) 

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This SWP Workbook and Guide (52 pages pdf) walks you through the key steps and process for developing a Strategic Workforce Plan for your organisation. It includes:

  • The 11 key steps in the process;
  • Responsibilities of the various parties;
  • Various activities that need to be undertaken;
  • Draft communications to executives and Section/Division/Business Unit Leaders;
  • Draft agendas for meetings with Section/Division/Business Unit Leaders for gathering relevant information;
  • Criteria for evaluating the success of your Strategic Workforce Plan.

The Sample Strategic Workforce Plan (51 pages, pdf and also the equivalent template in MS Word) can be used to compile a Workforce Strategic Plan for your organisation.

The HR Data Sheets are in the familiar Microsoft Word format are fully customizable and can be used to collect crucial workforce data in the following areas:

  • role classification
  • workforce demographics
  • salary and training costs
  • turnover costs
  • performance ratings
  • recruitment statistics